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Great to be Different [Community Video]

Опубликовано 02 Окт 2012 г. This is the result of the "Are You Different?" project-- the culmination of over 100 different submissions from folks within the community that were touched by this song. It was debuted at Canterlot Gardens with live performers. As much as I love how this turned out, I can't help but feel I haven't done justice to all the personal stories I've received... So I'm thinking of ways to create a virtual library of stories of how people are different, and how they've overcome their challenges, or learned to accept themselves. So... once I've figured that out, I'll let y'all know about it! :D Great to be Different was written and composed by Forest Rain, featuring Decibelle, and with help from Cyril the Wolf (bass) and Turquoise Splash (acoustic guitar). It was mastered by Cyril the Wolf.

Great Different Community Video


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