10.10.2013, 13:09

DISCORD [Kinetic Typography]

Опубликовано 28.03.2013rnLet the chaos BEGIN. (Read the description, it probably answers your question!)rn------------------------------rnThis is a typography made for a college project (my Final Major Project, to be exact). I take Creative Media and thought this would make for an interesting experience/video. I've never used After Effects for an entire video, so really this whole project was a rocky rollercoaster into depths unexplored. I also haven't done a typography before. Makes a change from my PMV's at least. And by all means, I'm still making them! The last 7 months have been ...well, chaotic. Literally. Deadlines aren't fun. But coming to the end of college now, so freedom is close! [Edit: Finished now. I got a distinction for this, which equates to A+. WOO!]nOh, and before you guys point out that a truckload of people have done this exact idea - I know! I've seen NoPonyZone's version and it's really cool. I PM'd him during the making of this and he said it's fine for me to go ahead. Besides, it's interesting to see multiple versions of something, and I'm sure (well, I hope) that mine isn't an exact clone of the others.rn------------------------------rnSong is TheLivingTombstone's remix of "Discord", a song originally by Eurobeat Brony. n(No, I didn't make the song. I repeat - I did not make the song. The song was not made by me. It does not belong to me. I did not make the song.)nMade with After Effects CS5, Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4/6, and Flash CS4. Also Vegas for last minute cleanup.rnTook around 3 months to make, excluding hiatus times for other deadlines. rnRendered out as uncompressed AVI and then rendered again as WMV. Sorry if the 360p compression is a bit meh, YouTube likes to regurgitate everything I make. rn-----------------------------rnIt's time to thank some swell people. n~ All of MSNTube for putting up with my blabbering and being the best people on the internet.rn~ SilkAMV and LoopyLegend for offering some damn good feedback. rn~ Malathrom! Aswell as "Awoken" and "Atomizer" being fantastic inspirations, your typography tutorial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oVLPq...) is insanely helpful. Couldn't have done it without that. rn~ Eurobeat Brony and TheLivingTombstone for making such a great song (some people think it's getting overused, but hey I still love it to this day)rn~ Nearly everything in this video has come from http://mlp-vectorclub.deviantart.com/rnI'd credit you all - but I'd be here for eons! Thank you. rn~ All 500-and-something of you who stick around my channel. You guys r da bes. rn~ Rainbow Dash for being best pon. rn~ Myself for making long descriptions that nobody will read. Good on me! If you're still here pat yourself on the back.

DISCORD Kinetic Typography


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